Declaration on the Russian Invasion in the Ukraine - 2014.03.02

In the last few days, the Russian Federation has launched an attack against the sovereign Ukraine. Unmarked Russian troops have started to occupy the Krim peninsula, and the Russian Parliament has allowed the use of force against Ukraine by the Russian Army. This agression breaks various international agreements, like the Budapest memorandum of 1994, guaranteeing the territorial integrity of Ukraine and the OSCE treaty.

The Federated Micronations condemn Russia's agression and demand a withdrawal of all Russian troops and revocal of the parliamentary declaration to allow use of armed force within 24 hours, until 2014.3.4 00:00 CET. On non-compliance, a full Economic Boycott on the Russian Federation will take place, and other measures will be prepared. The Economic Boycott will not cover separatist entities within the Russian Federation, which will be supported by the F.M., similar to the boycott in existence against Eastern Switzerland.

The F.M. support any peaceful means of boycott against the agressor. Russia has the ability to exert pressure on the European countries, including the F.M., by blocking gas shipments through various pipelines. This dependence was partly caused by irresponsible German politicians, like the former chancellor G.Schroeder. It is necessary to counteract this dependence as quickly as possible. Financial measures to blocade Russian assets, also private ones by oligarchs, are an obvious first step. Depending on developments, a sea blocade of Russia can be quickly implemented by blocking Skagerrak and Dardanelles shipments for Russian ships.

It is mandatory that the crisis is resolved as quickly as possible. Even if the Ukrainian army maintains restraint, both Ukrainian nationalists and Krim Tatar activists in the occupied territories will not do so, leading to a quick escalations.

The Ukraine crisis has come as a surprise to the F.M.S.D.. The "Clouds Mounting" report from 2013.07.05 has not foreseen a crisis in this area. The crisis is not only highly dangerous in itself, but, if not answered decidively by the West, would communicate to other nations, e.g. China, that the West now is too weak to reply quickly to agressive actions. If an occupation of major parts of Ukraine is allowed and not answered by a full (and expensive) boycott of Russia, China will surely test the waters by occupying islands in the South China sea, most probably those in Philippine waters.

Those and similar escalations might lead to a situation resembling in parts the years 1914 and 1939, with their military and economic consequences. In that sense, the "Clouds Mounting" report is still eerily up to date.

Addendum - 2014.03.05 -

The Economic Boycott on the Russian Federation has been implemented by a Federal Decree, enacted today, as Russian troops have not been withdrawn from the Krim peninsula. The F.M. protest against the attacks on U.N. and other observers by Krim militia, and on the continued military pressure on Ukrainian troops based on the Krim peninsula.

Addendum - 2014.03.19 -

The Economic Boycott is extended to any country (including U.N.-recognized, unrecognized and F.M.-recognized countries) which recognizes the integration of the Crimea into the Russian Federation, excepting any separatist entities or organisations within these countries.

Addendum - 2014.04.18

The situation has worsened as of today - some signs lead to the expectation that Russia plans to occupy all eastern and southern oblasts of Ukraine, creating a link to Transnistria, which also would become part of Russia.

Posta tal Musograd, the postal service for most of the F.M., has issued a stamp both celebrating the 200th birthday of Taras Shevchenko, the most famous writer of Ukraine, and calling for freedom and unity of Ukraine. Posta tal Musograd - Ukraine issue 2014-04-10

The State Department has purchased a limited number of stamps of this issue. To obtain a stamp, please send an email to philately (at) musograd.org with your shipping address, together with the confirmation that you have donated US$ 5 (or more) to an organisation supporting the Ukrainian people, e.g. IFAKs for Ukrainian Soldiers supplying Ukrainian soldiers with first aid kits. Posta tal Musograd will then send you a stamp free of charge.

Addendum - 2014.05.08

On the eve of the Donbass Referendum on 2014.05.11 and the expected annexation of further parts of Ukraine by Russia, the F.M. expresses their support to the Western Alliance and condemns those politicians and publicists in Western Europe who still plead for an understanding with Russia. Although the Russian culture and people are highly respected by the citizens of the F.M., their current government is imperialistic and autocratic.

Addendum - 2014.11.15

The Dershowo Musograd has, as a sign of solidarity with Ukraine and to avoid any mixup with the flag of the Russian irredentists, changed the background colour of the Flag of the Dershowo from red to yellow.

Declaration on the Developments in Central Europe - 2013.09.22

Four hours from now, 2 pm, the first results of the election to the German Federal Parliament will be known. For some time, the analysts of the Federated Micronations have claimed that this election will define the point of the next phase of the European Crisis, not because of its probable result (a Grand Coalition) but because it opens the way to make painful decisions about Europe's economic and political future.

We expect that these decisions will lead into the wrong direction. As before, huge amounts of money will be moved from small savers and tax-paying citizens to hedge fonds and international capital holders. Some important institutions of European states will be centralized (like bank control), but democratic control will be reduced and other institutions, like justice, will be weakened by leaving them in the hands of impoverished local governments.

Addendum 2013.09.22 - 23:09 -

The preliminary results of the German election seem to confirm the above - a Grand Coalition is the most probable variant. The expected good results of the Anti Euro Party AfD (generally thought not to have taken the 5% hurdle) will force the Right to push for a hardline policy in Europe. This will only amplify the inequilibrium of European economies. Small nations and Micronations are well advised to prepare for an economical and political storm in the coming years.

Addendum 2013.12.18

Finally, the Grand Coalition has been formed, after almost 3 months of negotiations. The first declaration of the new government confirmed the assumption that the German government will push for strict enforcement of reforms in the other European countries. Storm clouds are gathering.

Declaration on the Recognition of the Repubblica Veneta - 2013.06.16

The Federated Micronations recognize the right of the People of the Venetian Republic (Repubblica Veneta) to self-determination and independence. The Venetian Republic is formally and unilaterally recognized in the borders of the current Regio del Veneto with the provinces Verona, Vicenza, Belluno, Padova, Rovigo, Treviso und Venezia, with the exception of the Territorio Sovrano di Mondeo located in Alte Ceccato in the province of Vicenza, which for the time being remains under the Sovereignty of the Federated Micronations of the Musanian Lands, and with the further exception of the border communes of Cortina d' Ampezzo, Livinallongo del Col di Lana, Colle Santa Lucia and Sappada, which have requested to be administratively moved to South Tyrol resp. Friule/VG in a referendum 2007.

The status of the Territorio Sovrano di Mondeo will be determined by bilateral negotiations as soon as the Repubblica Veneta has gained full sovereignty and international recognition.

Addendum 2014.03.22

The Venetian People have voted for Independence in their absolute majority, 89% of the referendum participants have approved Independence, with a participation rate of 73%. That means almost two third of those entitled to vote have voted in favour!

Declaration on the European and Worldwide Currency Crisis - 2013.03.17

For more than 5 years, an almost unprecedented economic and financial crisis has ravaged the industrialized countries of the world. The Federated Micronations have reacted effectively to insulate themselves from this crisis, by remonetization, i.e. basing the Common Wallaroo on Gold at a rate of 1250 to one fine ounce, by building up a Bitcoin Foreign Exchange account and finally by moving Federal investments accordingly, although they were not able to avoid the repercussions of the first wave of asset confiscations in the "European Union".

The "European Union", a non recognized entity uniting the majority of European states, follows a two-pronged approach, on one side forcing weaker member states into extreme austerity, and on the other side debasing the common currency Euro by buying up worthless state bonds. This tactics is expected to lead first into even deeper recession, and then into uncontrollable inflation.

One part of the austerity programs is confiscation - first of Greek bonds, then of Spanish social security reserves ploughed into state bonds and Spanish bank accounts converted into bank shares, and now of the same with Cypriot bank accounts. Of course, this policy is suicidal since it breaks all trust into banks, the state and the currency.

The current political situation makes it almost impossible to break out of this vicious cycle. But as the world with its ecological and military crises does not wait for Europe to grow out of this situation, it is mandatory to introduce measures to resolve the situation quickly.

After long deliberation, the economic and political experts of the F.M. have come up with the following suggestions:

  • Confiscation and breakup of all banks by local and regional authorities, replacing the banks with cooperative local-owned banks and a regional central bank.
  • Introduction of a two tier currency system, based (at first) on the Euro and on regional currencies issued directly by regional governments, both currencies to be freely exchangeable.
  • Founding of an "European Federation" by the regional authorities, open to smaller EU states or regional substructures of larger EU states. The size limit of these structures could be set at 10 million citizens. The role of the European Federation would be coordination of defense and the law, creating an unified law system and judiciary to avoid the scourge of local politics, corruption and nepotism.
  • Preparing military forces to make sure all separationist conflicts are resolved peacefully by local referenda and external mediation.
As the political developments might find an apex in 2014 with the independence referenda in Catalonia and Scotland, we call on the regional authorities in Europe to start preparing for a scenario where the larger states are no longer functional, the currencies no longer accepted and the citizens no longer willing to be plundered.

The Federated Micronations are prepared to support this process politically and financially.

Declaration on the Recognition of the Sovereign Union of First Nations Peoples in Australia - 2013.01.27

The Federated Micronations recognize the Sovereign Union of First Nations Peoples in Australia and their government. Information collected during several Australija expeditions has confirmed our opinion that the First Nations Peoples in Australia were - and partially still are - organized in sovereign, nation-like units.

The right of these units to restitution and self organization in a Sovereign Union is self evident.

The Federated Micronations recognize all Territorial Claims of the Sovereign Union of First Nations Peoples in Australia, up to a point where the Territory of other recognized nations in Australia is impinged (currently Hutt River Principality and Empire of Atlantium are recognized by the Federated Micronations). In case of conflicting claims, the Federated Micronations reserve their right to remain neutral. The same is valid for Territorial Claims of member states of the Federated Micronations (currently none).

Declaration on the Recognition of the República Catalana - 2013-01-26

The Federated Micronations have recognized the Republicà Catalana as a free and sovereign republic on 2013-01-26. The Catalan people have a long tradition of independence and have fought peacefully and valiantly for their freedom. The Peoples of the Federated Micronations recognize this and give their wholeheartedly support to the Catalan people in their fight to gain full independence and general recognition.

The Federated Micronations call for the European Union to cease threatening nations striving for their sovereignty with expulsion from the Union and economic destruction. The future of Europe is in small sovereign nations forming a flexible federation, not large bureaucratic superstates within an Über-superstate.

The recognition of the Republicà Catalana is not meant as an affront against the República Española - the Spanish Republic has introduced a large degree of autonomy for both Catalonia and the Basque Countries, and we believe the Spanish Republicans will fully support Catalan independence, if only as a first step in the direction of a Republic also in the original Spanish lands.

Declaration on the Presidency of the República Española - 2012.02.18

The Federated Micronations of the Musanian Lands have unilaterally recognized the República Española in May 2010. To our knowledge, there is currently no recognized administration of the República, neither in the country nor in exile.

As the current Spanish administration has decided to leave the path of democratic evolution and has not hindered the Falangist right to accuse the renowned Investigating Magistrate Baltasar Garzón of irregularities as he was trying to break the taboo on Civil War atrocities committed by the said Falangist organizations. The conservative lawyers at the Royalist Spanish Supreme Court indicted Magistrate Garzón and removed him from office.

Therefore, attacked both by the Falangists and by the inheritors of the Franquist regime, and fighting to uncover the crimes commited by both, Baltasar Garzón has fully earned the right to the office of President of the Spanish Republic. For the first time, the Federated Micronations not only unilaterally recognize a state, but have decided to proceed in the same way regarding the head of this state.

The Federated Micronations of the Musanian Lands therefore unilaterally recognize Baltazar Garzón as President of the República Española and pledge to support him in his office by all means of the Federation.

Declaration on the Recognition of Independent Nations in North America - 2012.01.18

After long deliberations, the State Department of the Federated Micronations has decided to unilaterally recognize a number of countries in North America. Until today, only the Republique du Quebec and the Soviet Republic of North America had been recognized by the F.M..

The recognitions are being made on a basis of acceptance of potential border overlaps, calling for peaceful resolution of these conflicts. Any agressor will be de-recognized by the SDFM. Also, the recognitions are not to be taken as agression towards the current authorities in North America. They may well be taken as deep criticism and disappointment about both the current U.S. and Canadian authorities, regarding environmental and human rights politics. As the existing states of the U.S. are part of the current U.S. political system, they will in general not be recognized until significant parts of their population are supporting this independence and also are supporting responsible environmental and human rights politics.

First in the list of recognitions come the original owners of the land, the American Indians and Hawai'ians. The former are recognized in form of the National Congress of American Indians, the latter as the Kingdom of Hawai'i. As the sovereingty of Native American Nations differs in extent and form, the F.M. currently do recognize separate nations only on an on-request-basis, but plan to do more research here, as well as on the rights and status of the Inuit. The independence of Greenland is not treated here, as it is not regarded to be part of North America by the S.D.F.M..

Second in the list are nations created by colonial history, mostly overrun by the expansion of the United States or their predecessor, the British colonial empire. These are mostly recognized pro forma, since the non-english cultures have usually disappeared almost completely. These nations are the Republiek van Nieuw Nederland (Republic of New Netherlands, capital Niew Amsterdam / New York), Nya Sverige (New Sweden), Republique Cajunaise du Louisiana, British West Florida (a legal remnant of the British Empire), Free State of Alaska (Swobodny Dershowo Alaska), Republique du St. Pierre et Miquelon and Puerto Rico.

Third on this list are nations formed by their citizens with the purpose of changing their way of life to a more regional and sustainable one. These are the state of Cascadia, Independent Long Island and the Wisconsin Republic.

This list of unilateral recognitions is not to be understood as final, and the order on this list not as a rank regarding territorial claims support.

Declaration on Intended Recognitions of Nations in North America - 2011-12-15

The State Department of the Federated Micronations has watched developments in North America with deep sorrow. The deepening political rift between factions in the U.S.A., the ongoing development of new autonomous weapons, the economic warfare on the Euro zone, the boycott of international efforts against climate change, especially by Canada and finally the seeming inability of the President of the United States to push through meaningful change leads us to the conclusion that it is necessary to look for new partners and new political structures on the North American continent.

The Federated Micronations therefore plan to recognize several entities on the North American continent. Currently, only the Republique de Québec is being recognized officially by the F.M., but we are in contact with other governments and will decide by the beginning of 2012 which countries will be unilaterally recognized. According to our traditions, these will be determined both based on historical entities and current claims.

These recognitions are not to be construed as an act of aggression against the existing de-facto governments of the U.S.A., Canada or Mexico which will be de-facto recognized, similar to the relationship between the F.M. and the F.R.G. today or between the G.D.R. and the F.R.G. during the late cold war period. Also, they may not be seen as a call to armed rising of the recognized states or as a guarantee of support to them.

Unilateral Recognition of the Repubblica Vaticana and the Principato de Filettino - 2011-09-21

The Federated Micronations have decided to unilaterally recognize two states located on the Italian peninsula.

Instigated by the visit of the Chairman of the Council of State of the Repubblica Vaticana, Cr. Joseph Ratzinger, to Balangrad City on 2011-09-22, the Federated Micronations of the Musanian Lands recognize the Repubblica Vaticana as a sovereign state. Regardless the differences in religion and culture, the F.M. welcome Comrade Ratzinger to Balangrad City and look forward to peaceful cooperation between the two countries.

The Principato de Filettino is also recognized unilaterally by the Federated Micronations, honouring its clear stance against the corrupt dictatorship of Penito Berlusconi over most other parts of the Italian peninsula. The State Department of the Federated Micronations declares its support of the independence of Filettino, by all peaceful means available.

With the Territorio Sovrano di Mondeo, a sovereign part of the Federated Micronations is located on the Italian Peninsula. For this reason, the Federated Micronations carefully watch developments in that region and hope to build further alliances with sovereign States and Micronations there.

Declaration on the Troy Davis case and on the Justice System of the State of Georgia - 2011-09-21

The Federated Micronations condemn the State of Georgia, and its Governor, Nathan Deal, for allowing its corrupt and broken law system to execute Troy Davis, accused of having murdered a policeman, but without any clear proof and severe doubt against the witnesses.

Several institutions, namely the European Union, have also appealed against this without success.

The Federated Micronations declare a Full Economic Boycott against the State of Georgia. Governor Deal is put on the Immigration Watchlist and will be deported immediately upon entering the territory of the Federated Micronations.

The international analysts of the State Department believe that this case is an example of the deplorable state of affairs in the justice systems of most member states of the U.S.A..

Declaration on the financial situation of the Republic of Greece - 2011.05.21 -

As one of the smaller Creditors of the Republic of Greece, the Federated Micronations of the Musanian Lands support the efforts of the European Union and European Central Bank to resolve the critical financial situation of the Republic of Greece.

We believe that the responsibility for this situation lies with the Greek elites, politicians and government officials cashing in on their power, and businessmen and the Orthodox Church avoiding taxes and doing bad deals with the government. Those elites must be held to accountance, and must be forced to come up with the sums necessary to pay the debts. Only if the people of Greece are empowered and willing to force their elites into a responsible behaviour, the situation can be resolved. It may be necessary to introduce taxes not based on income, but on a combination of existing property and previously paid taxes - those individuals and organisations with large property and low amount of taxes must be taken into responsibility. This explicitely needs to cover the Orthodox Church as a non-taxpaying entity which has been proven to be highly corrupt in the past.

Privatisation of the assets of the Greek state might help to pay the short time debts of Greece, but the risk is high that this only leads to more enrichment of the Greek elites. The Federated Micronations recommend that these assets should be privatized sparingly and well-controlled, and if possible only be used as a collateral against new credit.

We believe that any debt rescheduling or haircut, and especially any default on the debts will have extremely negative effects both on Greece, destroying their banking system, and on the other European countries, since it may launch an avalance of defaults which may or may not prove containable. Leaving the Euro zone is not an option for Greece, either, since it would make it impossible to avoid a default on the Euro debt.

The Federated Micronations are willing to discuss the mode of repayment of the Greek F.M. debts with the Greek government, but will not accept any unilateral default on the debts by the Republic of Greece. In the latter case, measures will be taken to protect the interests of the Federated Micronations, which may take the form of the attachment of territorial property of the Greek state to a semi-sovereign entity within Greece, compareable to the Agion Oros territory.

Recognition of the Republic of Hungary and the Belarusian Democratic Republic - 2011.04.18

On 2011-04-18, the Federated Micronations of the Musanian Lands have unilaterally recognized the Republic of Hungary and the Belarusian Democratic Republic.

After the revolutions of 1989, both countries have started out as democratic republics. But first in Belarus, then in Hungary, the majority of the population lost interest in a true democracy and voted for authoritarian or quasi-authoritarian politicians.

Since after the First World War, Belarus was represented by an Exile Government, the Belarusian People's Rada. This government continued to exist after 1990/91, since the democratic orientation of the "Republic of Belarus", governed by A.Lukashenko since 1994, was not clear. This Exile Government is recognized by the Federated Micronations as sole representative of the people of Belarus.

The Republic of Hungary, in contrast, was a democratic country, but with instable majorities and governments unable to push through serious reforms. The result was the election of a government supported by a single party - FIDESZ - with a two thirds majority, able to change the constitution. This has happened today, changing the country's name into "Hungary" and paving the way towards an authoritarian government only marginally controlled by a constitutional court or a free press.

The opposition, severely weakened, has not yet chosen the path of exile, but this can be expected when the FIDESZ government comes under pressure economically and reacts with acts of suppression. The Federated Micronations therefore proactively recognize the continued "Republic of Hungary" and its future Exile Government and pledge support to it both politically and economically.

The Federated Micronations do not call for forceful removal of the respective governments, or the use of any force whatsoever, but warn the respective unrecognized de-facto governments of Belarus and Hungary that outward agression and inward use of military force against the civilian population will not be tolerated.

The Federated Micronations ask the European Union to use all its powers to safeguard the return towards democracy in both countries, reminding all European politicians of the historic developments after the First World War, where one democratic government after the other was toppled in Europe, resulting finally in the Second World War and the Cold War. History tends to repeat in unexpected ways!

Declaration on the Freedom of the People of Libya - 2011-02-21

Flag of the Republic of Libya

The Federated Micronations of the Musanian Lands denounce the usage of military means to suppress the People of Libya and demand an immediate cease of the use of arms against them. The illegitime government led by the Gaddafi family must immediately step down, and be brought to the courts for a thorough investigation of their crimes.

Officers and soldiers attacking unarmed citizens, and especially Air Force officers and pilots using planes to attack their own people, must be brought to justice. We support the call to the United Nations to declare a No Fly Zone over Libya and suggest it to be implemented by the Air Forces of Egypt and Tunisia.

We support the right of Self-Determination of the Libyan People and unilaterally recognize the Free Republic of Libya under the flag as shown here.

Addition - 2011.03.09 -

The Libyan Interim Transitional National Council is recognized by the Federated Micronations as the legitimate government of the Free Republic of Libya.

Addition - 2011.05.21 -

Gerhard Heinz is honoured with the Freedom Medal of the Federated Micronations of the Musanian Lands for his ongoing reporting on the Freedom Fighters of Libya, as he is one of the only up-to-date and mostly correct sources of information in a vast sea of ignorance and misinformation.

Addition - 2013.12.15

Declaration on the Freedom of the People of the Arab Nations - 2011-01-30

The Federated Micronations of the Musanian Lands declare their full support and solidarity with the People of the Arab Nations, in particular Tunisia and Egypt, fighting for their freedom and future. Any use of force or blodshed must be avoided both by the undemocratic governments as well as the People!

The current events, especially in Tunisia, may prove the pivot point for a new renaissance of the Arab world, which has been overdue for more than a hundred years. There is no reason why the Arab world should not be able to develop like many other so called "third world" countries, e.g. Korea, India or Indonesia. For this to take place, both a political and a cultural opening of the Arab world is necessary.

In Tunisia, the main step has now been made thanks to the heroic courage of the Tunisian people. The western world is not to thank here - it supported the authoritharian Government of Ben Ali for much too long.

President Mubarak of Egypt is advised to follow the example of his former Colleague, Ben Ali of Tunisia, to leave his country and enable a peaceful transfer of power.

Addition - 2011.05.21

On 2011.02.11, President Mubarak has abdicated, and Egypt has started on the long path of real democracy. In Libya, the opposition has by today won large secure territories and is poised to win over the Gaddafi clan within weeks. Maroc and Algeria have declared their intent to introduce further reforms. But there are many Arab states which have not changed, or, even worse, used the army against their citizens.

The Federated Micronations extend their support and solidarity explicitely to the Peoples of Syria, Qatar, Iran and Yemen. In the first three countries, the people are fighting for their freedom with only a marginal hope for success. The situation in Yemen is unstable, but hopefully will be resolved soon.

The governments of these countries, not recognized by the Federated Micronations, are put under a full embargo, and all members of these governments are to be arrested on entering the territory of the Federated Micronations.