Fact Sheet:
  • Size: 360'000 q
  • Religion: 34% Carlistic Christian, 32% Svantevicje, 8% Arianic Christian, 7% Jewish, 5% Muslim, 5% no religion, 9% other
  • Language: Balanda, Musogradian
  • Alphabet: Latin
  • Capital: Kazinsk
Balanda Republic is the poorest state of the Federation. It is split culturally into the original Balanda Tribes, living in the countryside and the east and the Contract Settlers, refugees and emigrants from Musograd and other regions living in the cities.

The Balanda language is a tocharic language with slavic influences. The original Balanda adhere mostly to Svantevicje, a traditional religion, and Arianic Christianity. In the south, many converted to Islam. The Contract Settlers mostly are Carlistic Christians or Jewish.

Historically, the Balanda dominated the state, called "Balanga Respublike" in the past. Urbanisation and modernisation has changed this - the Balanda Republic is dominated by the Contract Settlers supported by Federation forces. Some Balanda tribes accept this and have been integrated into the Balanda Republic power structures, others have set up a resistance force, the Balanda Liberation Movement (BLM).

Due to better education and infrastructure, the Balanda Republic has seen a slow economic upturn in the last few years.

In late 2014, the unsolved conflict with BLM has flared up. A radical faction called the "Jaulscath" attacked and destroyed several smaller Contract Settlements, sending a wave of refugees to Kazinsk, Sveti Karul and Radagast. The Balanda Republic is receiving additional military support from the Dershowo Musograd.