Declaration against Anarchistic Terrorism and Agression - 2010-12-24

On 2010-12-23, two small bombs have exploded in Rome, at the embassies of Switzerland and Chile. An Anarchistic organisation has claimed responsibility for these acts of terrorism.

The State Department of the Federated Micronations, together with the Department of History of the Academy of Avionics and Defense, Mohuc, have done some research on the subject of Anarchism. We believe that, after a pause of more than 75 years where Anarchism seemed to have disappeared, it now rises again in various forms. Often mixed up with classical Bolshevik communism, it is more like its brother-enemy. In rare instances, Anarchists and Communists have fought side by side, but mostly they were deep enemies.

The city of Kosnice, in 2003, was taken over by an Anarchist organisation called Libertarian Monetarists - Anarchist Alliance (LMAA). Two of the three main streams of Anarchism worked together to create an Anarchist republic. The Kosnice Autonomous Province, later Libertarian Republic of Kosnice, existed from 2003 to January 2009 where it was taken over by the Musogradian government. The reason for this was that Kosnice had created weapons of economic mass destruction by allowing free-wheeling speculation. The Musogradian Dinar fell extremely. In summer 2008, the then Federation of Musograd created a currency union with the Republic of Capricornia, based on the Capricornian currency reserves.

In Kosnice, two flavours of Anarchists joined hands - Socialists who expropriated the old industry barons of the region, and Libertarians who created a freewheeling economy based on micro-pricing of every public or privatized service, without any constraints. Even city streets were privatized, as well as the police. The goal was social equality, based on a 100% inheritance tax, with full economic freedom and incentive to work. But the theory applied to reality led to an economic and cultural catastrophe, at the end of which the Musogradian Army troops were welcomed back by the same citizens of Kosnice who had driven them out of town 5 years earlier.

The left-wing anarchism of the Rome terrorists must be strongly rejected. It is actually almost pitiable in its ineffectiveness towards its presumed goals. Much more dangerous is the right-wing anarchism of the Libertarians. Only two years after the last major crash caused by libertarian thinking, they raise their heads and push through an agenda, e.g. in the United States of America, which will destroy their economy and create enormous harm to all people worldwide. We wonder, actually, if some of the proponents of these ideas might not be wanderers, left-wing anarchists much more effective in their strategy than the stupid bomb builders.

There is a third thread of Anarchism which is less clear cut. Wikileaks, with Julian Assange at the top, has Cyber-Anarchist roots. The State Department feels it fulfils a valuable purpose, up to a point. Small states and independence movements will prosper when the methods of the giants and of tyrannic regimes are disclosed. An open door policy will be enforced, and new ways of interacting with the citizens must be found. This is a good development. But at the same time, the "Lifting of the Veil" of state secrecy may have chaotic consequences to the world. The translation to Hebrew of "Lifting of the Veil" is "Armageddon".

There are currently no sanctions imposed in this regard by the Federated Micronations. But we appeal to all concerned to refrain from using force, and to apply good measure to all their political demands and actions.

Peace be with us all!

Declaration on the Suppression of Freedom of Press in Hungary - 2010-12-22

The Government of Hungary has decided to enact new laws on all media - public or private, television, radio, newspapers and the internet, which forces them under control of a government-appointed panel filled with members of the governing FIDESZ party. The rules which this panel will enforce are open to the panel's interpretation, and the fines threatening to the media companies.

This in itself is inacceptable to the European community of peoples and may be called a proto-dictatorship of Victor Orban, the Hungarian prime minister. But there are more consequences to this, the first being that if FIDESZ is successful in implementing press censorship, other European countries will surely follow. The situation is similar to the period between first and second World War, where not only in Germany, but in many other countries, autonomous dictatorships developed, weakening the resistance of democratic states against aggression.

The second consequence may be that, if the success of FIDESZ in re-forming Hungary into an authoritarian state fails on grounds of economy, external media influences and emigration of the elite, it might continue in the classic way of dictatorships, i.e. by military aggression. The goal would be obvious, to incorporate the Hungarian minorities in Romania, Serbia and Slovakia. Due to the accellerated pace of history, we estimate this to be the case in 2014.

The Government and State Department of the Federated Micronations of the Musanian Lands therefore have decided to support the European Union in all actions to restore full media freedom in Hungary. A full boycott against all State agencies of Hungary is declared, and against enterprises near to the state or to FIDESZ.

We are very disappointed that the people of Hungary, once flag-bearers of Freedom for Eastern Europe, have decided to follow the course of aggressive nationalists and proto-dictators. We sincerely hope that they will look around and decide that it is better to follow the example of Poland, which, after a difficult period, has chosen the path of liberality and democracy.

Declaration on the Suppression of Human Rights and the right of Fair Trial in Switzerland - 2010-11-28

Almost exactly one year after the citizens of Eastern Switzerland chose to vote for an initiative repelling the right of Muslims to build Mosques, suppressing religious freedom, an initiative was accepted by these voters which strips foreign residents of Switzerland of the right of Fair Trial and threatens them with immediate expulsion under a broad list of criminal indictments, but also in case of "misuse" of social security and with an open clause allowing additional reasons for expulsion to be added by the parliament.

This initiative is designed to threaten foreigners living in Switzerland and to create a climate of persecution. It is shocking that the citizens of Eastern Switzerland again chose to follow the rat catchers and distance themselves from Europe.

To protect the rights of the citizens of Bâle-Ville, Jura, Généve, Fribourg, Vau and Neuchâtel, the Federated Micronations unilaterally recognize these cantons under the provisorical name "Fédération de la Suisse Romande" and support the right of the citizens of western Berne to join them.

The remaining parts of Switzerland will be identified as "Eastern Switzerland". The full economic boycott on Eastern Switzerland declared on 2009-11-29 will be upheld, with the exception of any separatist or micronational authority or other organisation rejecting the results of the 2 referendums. These will be supported by the authorities of the Federated Micronations and be entitled to support by all F.M. state companies.

Addition - 2011-02-21 -

Due to its geographic position and ethnic German-speaking population, the Diplomatic Service has recommended to separately unilaterally recognize the Free City of Basel / Bâle. This has been implemented on 2011-02-21 by the Federated Micronations. Of course the People of Basel are free to decide on their future attachment to whatever country they decide, which will be respected by the Federated Micronations.

"Supporting the People of Baden-Württemberg" - Declaration - 2010.10.02

The Government of the Federated Micronations, together with the Governments of the Republic of Capricornia and the Dershowo Musograd, declare their support for the People of the Republic of Baden-Württemberg in their peaceful resistance against the Government of Baden-Württemberg and the planned construction of a new underground Central Railway Station, the "Stuttgart 21" project.

Although we do not fully understand the consequences of the 4 billion Euro project, and have no final opinion on it, we believe it is the right of the people to demand a referendum on a project of this magnitude.

Baden-Württemberg has been ruled by one and the same party for 58 years by now, with tame opposition parties taking a supportive role during some periods. This means that the entrenched powers have derived the population of much political influence. Although an election is slated for March 2011, this will be too late to stop the "Stuttgart 21" project.

We sincerely hope that the uproar against "Stuttgart 21" will become a nucleus for the development of political cosciousness of the people of Baden-Württemberg, an alliance of peoples suppressed since the times of Charles "the Great". Today, Germany treats the Republic as an unloved "useful idiot" good only for paying bills. The people of Baden-Württemberg shall rise for the Dignity and Sovereignty of their Republic! The South Will Rise Again!

Addendum - 2016.11.12 Similar to Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg seems to have found a new political structure differing from the northern states of Germany. Over two election periods, the government has been led by the Green Party in coalition with first the Social Democrats, then with the Christian Democrats. We believe this to be a good basis to resist the current wave of Populism and Nationalism, enabling the state to leave the Federal Republic if a Populist party gains power there and starts dismantling the constitution and human rights.

Declaration on Suppression of Religious Freedom in Switzerland - 2009.11.29

The Republic of Capricornia and the Federated Micronations reject the decision of the Swiss People to ban the building of Minarets. This ban threatens to kindle an unprecedented religious conflict in the heart of Europe. It is an insult against the Muslims of Switzerland and all over the world, including those living in the Federated Micronations, but also against the history and spirit of Switzerland. A full economic boycott will be levied upon Switzerland, with the exception of the 4 Cantons voting against the ban, Geneva, Basel city, Neuchatel and Vaud. Further diplomatic measures will be discussed with the Federated Micronations council.

Addendum - 2016.11.12 The full economic boycott is suspended as by now the populist wave has risen in so many regions that trade would become difficult if compareable rules would be applied to those regions.