Fact Sheet:
  • Size: 95'000 q
  • Religion: 89% Muslim, 3% Jewish, 3% no religion, 5% other
  • Language: English, Murwillanian
  • Capital: Arnaq (originally called Biquaia)
The northern part of Naquarnia is covered by the Ghibalni mountains; in the south, Naquarnia covers about 40% of the Djisr peninsula, bordering the former Sultanate of Djisara. The Republic is one of the poorest regions of the Federation, with limited agriculture due to lack of water and arable land.

After a Coup d'Etat on 2010-07-23, a Provisional Government was set up. On 2011-02-21, it was replaced by an Interim Government of neutral professionals, led by a veterinarian. Democratic elections of a new Parliament and Government were carried out in May 2011, resulting in a coalition government of liberal Islamic parties and the Trader Alliance.

In 2013, the Light! Movement gained a foothold, supported by the youth, but in contrast to the Shiat al Nur movement in the Jamahiriya Murwillumbah, it remained peaceful, demonstrating for education and against religion. In 2015, the Knowledge and Discipline Party (KDP), the strongest Islamic party, has formed a coalition with Light! and the Trader Alliance to guarantee stability.