Fact Sheet:
  • Size: 230'000 q
  • Religion: 42% no religion, 17% Mithraic, 15% Carlistic Christians, 12% Jewish, 11% Muslim, 3% other
  • Language: Musogradian (Muso'ka), English
  • Alphabet: Cyrillic, Latin
  • Capital: Musograd City
Official Website of the Dershowo: http://www.musograd.org

The Dershowo (State of) Musograd should not be mixed up with the historic Dershowo Musograd, which ruled over most parts of the current Federated Micronations. The new Dershowo Musograd follows its historic tradition, but is formed only of the Musogradian heartland, the former Libertarian Republic of Kosnice and parts of the Republic of Thylacinia, Republic of Sprijland and Goralny Republic.

The city of Kosnice still has a special status within the Dershowo, as Free Port of Kosnice, with liberal trade rules and English as its first Language

The largest cities are Musograd City, Kosnice, Mohuc, Goralnigrad and Sveti Jelena. The towns of Phulda and Redrok were formed around military bases.

Musograd is heavily industrialized, with established IT and Stamp Printing industries, http://www.yourstamps.eu , exporting to countries all over the world.

Recent events:

  • Elections on 2018-10-03: The first Kuomnata elections after the Protectorate Revolution resulted in a strong showing of the ecologically oriented CDN-E, with 38% of the seats. The SD alliance of left and centrist parties, only gained 34% of the votes. The conservative SLD and the settlement oriented JS both reached 13% of the seats. A coalition of CDN-E and SD was formed under the leadership of Gen. G. Claybourne, a pensioned Air Force general, as Secretary of the Dershowo (the title "Lord Protector" was discontinued), defense secretary J. Hadid and information secretary R. Teja. Wing Commander R. Khalmyq took over the important position of Commissioner, responsible for the relationship to the F.M. and its other states. A congress on "Ecological Reform of the Dershowo" is planned for December 2018.
  • Government restructuring on 2017-10-03: Gen. R. Teja, commander of the MSS, is selected as the leader of the Protectorate government, with Gen. Hadid taking over the office of Defense Secretary. Elections are prepared for 2018, with the left being reformed as Sajusna Demokratska (SD) alliance, CDN-E and JS completely re-legalized, and the conservative SLD also re-formed.
  • Protectorate Revolution 2015-12-01 to 2015-12-17: On December 1st, units of the Musogradian Army, based in the Mohuc and Goralnigrad regions, rose to counteract the populist and rightist tendencies of the PMMA led government of the Dershowo. The government was supported by southern based units of the military and the Navy, while the Air Force remained neutral. This, and the support by People's Militia (Milicija Narodna) units in Musograd City, led to the capitulation of the PMMA government, with a Protectorate government unter Gen. J. Hadid taking power in the Dershowo. Gen. Hadid assumed the title "Lord Protector" ("Pan Protektor") of the Dershowo.
Civil War - Lines of Control 2015-12-07 Lines of Control on 2015-12-07, at the time when AFC sorties stopped large operations in the Civil War. Protectorate forces controlled the western and eastern parts of the Dershowo, while the PMMA Government forces controlled the south and the north, connected by a narrow corridor, and the almost surrounded capital.

  • On 2014-11-15, the Dershowo changed the National Flag, replacing red with gold as background colour. This step was done to avoid any misidentification with the flag of the Russian irredentists in Eastern Ukraine, and to show solidarity with an undivided Ukraine. Gold as colour of the sun and of the metal backing the Common Wallaroo is a portent symbol for the Musogradian people. The old flag, with red background, was defined as Flag of Musogradij Armije, i.e. the Military Flag, also to be used by the Navy and Air Force.
  • On 2013-06-01, new security and censorship laws were introduced by the PMMA government, further restricting freedom of press and the activities of opposition parties.
  • On 2013-04-12, the accelerating economic crisis led to the breakup of the DNS/CDN-E coalition after less than 4 months. In the elections on 2013-04-28, the PMMA jumped to 37%, SLD dropped to 11%, DNS to 12%, CDN-E got 21%. SL came out with strong 16%. A coalition between PMMA, SLD and DNS was formed, with the non-aligned General M. Swoboda elected to the new office of President. After SLD joined PMMA on 2013-05-25 and about a third of DNS MPs also changing to PMMA, the PMMA faction claimed an absolute majority of 52%, but kept up the coalition with DNS. As a result, the government style became more and more rightist-authoritarian. JS was suppressed as "unpatriotic", and skirmishes between radical right and left wing groups led to bloodshed, and also CDN-E came under legal pressure.
  • On 2013-01-20, new election took place. SLD again reached 36%, and the newly re-formed PMMA 9%, but DNS, with 32% and CDN-E with 14% were able to form a new coalition with a narrow majority. JS, with 3%, was no longer represented in the Kuomnata (the Musogradian Parliament). G.P.Lunow was elected as Secretary of the Dershowo on 2013-01-26.
  • At the elections of 2012-05-01, SLD reached 36%, JS 34%, DNS 20%, CDN-E 8% and SL 4%. After this landslide, SLD and JS, former civil war foes, formed a coalition government, with J.I.Chander as Secretary of the Dershowo. After the suppression of the PSCB revolt of Southern Settlement rebels, JS splitted up and ended the coalition.