Declaration on the Unilateral Recognition of the Republic of Hong Kong and Kurdistan - 2017.10.12

The Federated Micronations have decided to recognize two nations who face high odds against their self-determination and independence. While Kurdistan (precisely the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq) has gained autonomy and is protected by their army, the Peshmerga, it has not been able to keep Kurdish and mixed territories liberated at a high cost from the occupation by the Islamic State. This loss has made independence much more difficult. We wish both the KRG and the Kurdish lands all success in gaining independence and freedom from suppression by their neighbours.

Hong Kong is under another kind of pressure. Although Hong Kong's freedoms have been guaranteed in 1997, they are under severe pressure by the PRC, and only very limited elections have been allowed. Pressure generates counter-pressure, which has risen in the form of an Independence Movement. This movement receives the full support of the F.M., as it follows the Kohrist principles of Localized Administration. The economic success and political strength of the PRC has made it very difficult for the Republic of Hong Kong, but we believe this situation will change at some point in the future as economic development without freedom leads to repression and corruption, which is not sustainable in the long term.

Declaration on the Catalonian Independence Referendum - 2017.10.01

Today, against high odds, Catalonia has implemented an Independence Referendum. At 17:30, the results are not yet known, but the SDFM expects a high participation in spite of the use of force by the Spanish Guardia Civil and a huge majority in favour of independence. The logical consequence would be a timely Declaration of Independence and a lengthy process of civil resistance and negotiations to implement this independence.

The Kingdom of Spain and especially its Government will come under extreme pressure, even more if they decide to use the military to quell the "Catalan Rising". If the government does not accept that the situation can only be resolved by negotiations, it may lead to the fall of not only the government but also of the current Spanish state, as other provinces or regions might stop their support for the central government, negotiating a political solution amongst themselves.

The Federated Micronations support the Government of Catalonia in this process and reaffirm their Unilateral Recognition of both the Republicà Catalana and the República Española, which we see as a virtual state occupied by the current Spanish government and state which is a legal continuation of the fascist Estado Español. We call both sides to take up negotiations without preconditions as soon as possible.