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Dershowo Unija tal Musograd

Fact Sheet:

  • Size: 230'000 q
  • Religion: 43% no religion, 15% Mithraic, 11% Carlistic Christians, 11% Jewish, 12% Muslim, 5% Prosomian, 3% other
  • Language: Musosloviansk (also called Musanian, Musogradian or Muso'ka), English
  • Alphabet: Cyrillic, Latin
  • Capital: Musograd City
Official Website of the Dershowo: http://www.musograd.org

This site is out of date, though, to be changed into a touristically oriented site in the future.

The National Anthem of the Dershowo is " Musograd Jedna Patrija ". Its music sheet (guitar version with tabs) can be found here . The text is currently under revision.

The Dershowo Unija tal Musograd (Union State of Musograd) should not be mixed up with the historic Dershowo Musograd, which ruled over most parts of the current Federated Micronations. The new Dershowo Unija tal Musograd follows its historic tradition, but is formed only of the Musogradian heartland, the former Libertarian Republic of Kosnice and parts of the Republic of Thylacinia, Republic of Sprijland and Goralny Republic.

The largest cities are Musograd City, Kosnice, Mohuc, Goralnigrad and Sveti Jelena. The towns of Phulda and Redrok were formed around military bases.

After the crisis in 2021/22, the Dershowo has settled into a highly federalized structure with 4 Autonomous Provinces. The largest one is the "Central Province" with Musograd City, Phulda and Sv. Jelena. "Rhana Autonomous Province" is centered around Mohuc, "Goralni Autonomous Province" contains Goralnigrad and the Goralni Mountains, and the "Autonomous Port of Kosnice" contains the city of Kosnice and the southern coastal regions. It has liberal trade rules and English as its first Language.

Musograd is heavily industrialized, with established IT and Stamp Printing industries, yourstamps , exporting to countries all over the world. Posta tal Musograd is the state postal service, servicing also most other states of the Federated Micronations.

Torn by conflicts between many political factions, from traditionalists via technologists to radical ecologists, the nation is far from stable and has swerved between many conflicting goals. Several civil wars have been triggered by these tensions which, luckily, never were based on ethnic or religious lines and thus did not threaten national unity in the long run. The effects of the failed "Shoolscath" operation 2020.02 - 2021.06 and the following political breakdown are still echoing in the state which from late 2021 to June 2023 was under "Federal Administration".

On 2022.10.03, delegates for a Musogradian Constitutional Assembly have been elected. On 2023.04.10, the Assembly agreed on a devolved Constitution, selecting "Union State of Musograd" / "Dershowo Unija tal Musograd" as the new state name and creating 4 autonomous provinces. The abbreviated name "Dershowo Musograd" is still allowed for official use.