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As of 2022.07, all Musogradian parties remain suspended by the "Federal Administration in Musograd". Limited political activity is allowed on a local base in the autonomous city regions only.

Musograd used to have a well-established party system, relatively open and democratic. Parties based on religion or ethnic descend are outlawed, as are some more extremistic parties. Some semi-legal parties were allowed to operate, but are under observation by the security services.

The most important parties were:

Strona Ludowa tal Dershowo (People's Party of the Dershowo, SLD)
Used to be a conservative, slightly populist party. Pro-army and for a strong Musograd dominating the Federation. Founded in 2009 by several right wing parties and movements, with roots in the Nationalist Movement and the PMMA. Joined the re-founded PMMA on 2013-05-25, but was refounded itself in 2017 in the aftermath of the Protectorate revolution.

Sajus Patrijotsku Demokratsku (Patriotic Democratic Union, SPD)
An alliance party which includes SL, DNS and JS, founded in 2017 as Sajus Demokratsku to build a strong left of the center base for the gradual reintroduction of democracy in th Dershowo. After JS left the alliance in 2019, it was renamed SPD.

Consumerismu w Difesa Natiunal - Ekologija (Consumerism and National Defense - Ecology, CDN-Ekologija)
The CDN-Ekologija alliance was created by joining the anti-consumerist CDN, one of the oldest parties of Musograd, founded on the books of Adm. W. Uchtar, with the newer Ekologija movement. It is strongly anti-nuclear, anti-consumeristic and in favour of an active foreign policy with ecologic goals. In the years before the Protectorate revolution in 2015, CDNE was the main opposition party, first in an uneasy alliance with SPD and in 2021 with parts of ZN.

Zorek Nadeju (Star of Hope, ZN)
ZN was founded by members of the MTBF volunteer militia on 2020.09.01, as political representative of MTBF. "The Star", as they are also called, is a centrist-nationalist party with the goal to find a path towards peace and happiness for the nation. After a period of internal discussions, it has found a common denominator in the support of communalism, supporting the transfer of power to larger cities, leading to their autonomy in the framework of the decentralized state. Its name was derived both from the song line "Star of Hope, Star of Glory" and from the local name of CoVid-19, "Star Sickness". By end of 2020, splitting up in different factions, the original ZN, "Zorek Slavoj" - Star of Glory, conservative and military based, and "Zorek Mlady" - Young Star. In August 2021, ZM rejoined ZN.

Zorek Slavoj (Star of Glory, ZS)
With strong links to conservative parts of Musogradij Armije, especially the Navy and Army, ZS stands for a sovereign Dershowo Musograd, supporting the counterstrike executed from the Navy submarine "LITO" on 2021.06.03. The party proposes to follow a course of autonomy and unity, using the strength of the Dershowo to resist those external forces trying to split and weaken the nation, following the national motto "We no longer want you pushing us".

Radikalny Klymatny Rukh (Radical Climate Movement, RKR)
Radical ecologist climate party, founded in 2019 and participating in elections since 2020. Strong in the regions west of Mohuc where a number of ecologist communes have sprung up in the last years.

Rukh Narodu tal Musograd (People's Movement of Musograd, RNM)
The traditional People's Militia organizations in Musograd City decided to set up a common party with a social democratic alignment, focussed on Musograd City. In the elections of the City Assembly on 2021.10.03, the new party won about 40% of the seats and also entered the Kuomnata with 5%.

Merged, dissolved or currently illegal parties are:

Sajus Lievowo (Union of the Left, SL)
The SL was the major party of the left, with its roots in the Partije Komuniste tal Musograd (PKM). It is strong in the Goralni area. With 16% of voters in 2013, well represented in the Kuomnata. Core of the SD alliance formed in 2017.

Dignita Na Suvrenita (Dignity and Sovereingty, DNS)
For several years, the DNS was the main governing party of the Dershowo. It was founded in 2006 in a phase of strive and disorder, with the goal to rebuild the state from the center of the society. The founder was the late Gen. N. Tosh. After losing many members to PMMA, the DNS became rather weak and disoriented and merged into SD.

Jichonij Sajus (JS, Southern Compact)
The Southern Cross Movement, former semi-legal branch of the Capricornian settlement party of the same name, was renamed on 2012-02-23 into Jichonij Sajus and fully legalized in the Dershowo, enabling it to participate in the May 1st 2012 elections. Lost representation in the Kuomnata in the 2013-01-20 elections due to internal infighting and breakup. Under strong pressure after the new security laws on 2013-06-01, merged into SD after the Protectorate revolution, separated again in 2019, but continued to be in alliance with SD. Initiated the Shoolscath project in late 2019 after a strong showing in the 2019-10 election, which led to total loss of voter support in the 2020-10 elections. Not allowed to participate in the 2021-10 elections.

Libertaja Muvimentu - Alleanza Anarchica (Libertarian Movement - Anarchistic Alliance, LM-AA)
Semi-legal anarcho-capitalistic party which for some time ruled the Libertarian Republic of Kosnice. At first completely suppressed after the breakdown and incorporation of Kosnice, for some time tolerated up to a limited level, and suppressed again by the 2013-06-01 security laws.

Patrioticu Muvimento Musograd Azad (Patriotic Movement Free Musograd, PMMA)
Strongly nationalist movement of Musogradian history. Re-founded in late 2012 by pensioned Army officers who felt that the SLD has not been supportive enough of the Musogradij Armija. The military victory of 2012/13 gave the PMMA a surprise boost in the Musogradian elections of 2013-01-20 and 2013-05-01, which was even more strengthened after SLD and parts of DNS joining the party on 2013-05-25, giving PMMA an absolute majority. Shut down after the Protectorate revolution in 2016.

Partije Komuniste tal Musograd - Refundacia (PKM-R)
Party founded in 2021, reviving the traditions of the Musogradian communists. The party is seen as an elaborate hoax by some observers and was not allowed to take part in the 2021.10.03 Kuomnata elections.