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Recent events:

  • 2023-05-08: The Union Assembly elects the Union Government, finally ending the Federal Administration in Musograd.
  • 2023-05-01: The Regional Assemblies within the Autonomous Provinces form Provincial Assemblies and send delegates to Musograd City to form the Union assembly.
  • 2023-04-10: The Constitutional Assembly finally agrees on a Devolved Constitution, creating 4 Autonomous Provinces: "Central Province" with Musograd City, Phulda and Sv. Jelena, "Rhana Autonomous Province" around Mohuc, "Goralni Autonomous Province" with Goralnigrad and the Goralni Mountains, and the "Autonomous Port of Kosnice" on the southern coast. The state name will be "Union State of Musograd" / "Dershowo Unija tal Musograd".
  • 2022-10-03: The Musogradian people accept the Constitution of the Federated Micronations of Musania by a wide majority of 86%. On the same day, regional delegates for the Musogradian Constitutional Assembly and for the Regional Assemblies are elected. FAiM continues its activities on a state-wide level, with the Regional Assemblies taking up local government responsibility.
  • 2022-05-30: An organisation calling itself "Musogradian Emergency Council" (MEC, "mec" is Musanian for "Sword") is taking responsibility for several attacks on FAiM facilities.
  • 2022-05-08: Musogradian Armed Forces have been constituted as part of the JSF. Two brigades of the MAF are active, a third is in preparation.
  • 2022-01-01: TFAM has been converted into the Federal Administration in Musograd (FAiM), which has now fully taken control of the whole state. Parts of the Musogradian Army are being integrated into the JSF, with the remainder re-organized as Militia units of the Free Cities.
  • 2021-12-13: JSF units have taken over control in most parts of Musograd. A Temporary Federal Authority in Musograd (TFAM) has been set up, led by the Naquarnian General R. dell' Estate. Adm. Xander has stepped back and advised the administration to follow the guidance of the TFAM. Still, in parts of Musograd City and Kosnice and in Sv. Jelena, nationalist forces and ROS units have not yet capitulated.
  • 2021-12-07: The Secretary of the Federated Micronations has authorized the Federal Arms and Defense Organisation FADO, together with the Joint Sovereign Forces (JSF) command, to operate as a peace force in the territory of the Dershowo. The Musograidan Air Force supports this step, as well as the Strategic Command of the Navy. The NEC, together with territorial and other Navy forces, has not yet accepted this step. JSF forces have started to occupy strategic positions in Goralnigrad and parts of Kosnice and are approaching Mohuc, where the city government has declared its support, and Musograd city.
  • 2021-12-01: Surrounded NM-ER units in Musograd City are supported by forces from Mohuc which have created a narrow corridor, partly underground, to supply them with food and ammunition. The Musogradian Air Force, officially neutral, has commenced with sorties using Black Lightning aircraft, threatening to attack any side which starts to use tanks and other heavy weapons in Musograd City. In Kosnice, tensions between ZS and ZN organisations have flared up.

The Joint Sovereign Forces command, representing 3 of the 5 F.M. states, is discussing measures to implement a truce in the Dershowo.

  • 2021-11-23: Republican Operational Services (ROS) forces support MMC and DC units, surrounding NM-ER units in central and western Musograd City. Kuomnata deputies flee to Kosnice and Balangrad City, but find no majority to set up a new Government replacing the NEC.
  • 2021-11-15: Armed conflicts between Narodni Milicia / Ecologist Resistance, NEC / MMC units and nationalist Divisja Cerna units in Musograd City escalate into large scale fighting.
  • 2021-11-01: Musogradian Marine Corps units stationed in Musograd City to support the NEC government.
  • 2021-10-18: As the Kuomnata has not yet been able to elect a new Government of the Dershowo, the Strategic High Command of the Musogradian Air Force has decided to put itself temporarily directly under the authority of the Federated Micronations. The NEC government authorities continue to base their authority on the Musogradian Navy bases and units and the 1st Army division stationed around Musograd City, while the 2nd and 3rd Army divisions, weakened by the Shoolscath catastrophe, are de facto following the local authorities of the "Free Cities" Goralnigrad and Mohuc.
  • 2021-10-03: Kuomnata elections. The partially reunited ZN receives 36%, the Kosnice focussed ZS 11%, CDN-E 21%, RKR rising to 12%, while SPD and SLD both lose votes, SPD receiving 8% and SLD 5%. JS was not allowed to participate. ZN, ZS and CDN-E support the communalist declarations of the large Musogradian cities. The traditional People's Militia movement in Musograd City participated by way of the new party "Rukh Narodu tal Musograd" (RNM), receiving 6% of the votes.
  • 2021-09-09: Cities of Mohuc and Goralnigrad declare their status as "Free City" (" Azad Grad"), on a par with the status of Kosnice as "Free Port", as the central NEC government remains weak in spite of its "Phoenix Rising" policies. Protests in Musograd City. Support for these communalist declarations comes from Zorek Nadeju and CDN-E parties.
  • 2021-08-01: Formal closing of Shoolscath operation. Musogradian government initiates a phase of regeneration and reorientation.
  • 2021-06-25: Shoolscath evacuation completed, exchange of prisoners still ongoing. NEC preparing a Congress on Strategic Planning of the Dershowo.
  • 2021-06-06: National Emergency Council under the leadership of Adm. S.D. Xander announces "Musograd Azad" (Free Musograd) government. Kuomnata dissolved, with elections scheduled for 2021.10.03. NEC consists of senior commanders of all MA branches, including Gen. Akhbar from the Strategic Forces, Gen. Chadid from D2 and Gen. Gromow from D1. Goals of new government are consolidation and reorientation of the state. Both conservative and radical ecologist forces included in new government, excluding those who initiated the Shoolscath operation.
  • 2021-06-03: Catastrophic failure of Shoolscath operation, obliteration of large parts of the expeditionary forces including 1st and 2nd division, Musogradij Legija. State of Emergency declared by government, but situation unclear as parts of the ROS and Armije have launched an operation code named "Free Fall", politically supported by ZS and nationalist groups.
  • 2021-05-04: "Final Resolve" mobilisation of core MA divisions in Shoolscath operation leads to protests in its leadership.
  • 2021-04-01: Continuing breakup of ZN leads to government crisis. Kuomnata deputies of ZN splitting up in three factions, with O.Chelny, leader of Zorek Mlady (ZM), remaining in the coalition, supported by SPD.
  • 2020-12-30 to 2021-01-02: First Virtual Congress of ZN ends in crisis, with some Kuomnata Members of ZN leaving for CDN-E, JS and other parties and a split emerging in ZN. A Kosnice-based faction started to evolve into a local autonomist movement called "Star of Glory".
  • 2020-12-15: Second Star Sickness lockdown starts. International and FM travel restricted.
  • 2020-10-20: After long negotiations, a coalition government of ZN and CDN-E has been formed, led by the co-Commissioners O.Chelny (ZN) and R. Khalmyk (CDN-E).
  • 2020-10-07: In the first session of the new Kuomnata, Adm. S.D. Xander was elected as High Commander of the Dershowo (renaming the title of Lord Protector once again), with the support of all parties except for RKR and JS. Coalition negotiations ongoing.
  • Elections on 2020-10-03: Traditional parties massively lost support. Winner in a landslide was Zorek Nadeju (ZN, Star of Hope, aligned to MTBF) with 42%. CDN-E relatively stable with 29%, SPD 14%, SLD 7%, the new Radical Climate Movement RKR 5% and JS falling down to 3%, voters blaming that party for the critical situation of the Shoolscath project. A ZN / CDN-E coalition seems feasible, RKR and JS destined for opposition, but a ZN / SPD coalition also an option. Negotiations expected to take longer time than usual.
  • On 2020-08-08 / -10, the tensions between MTBF and other forces involved in the Shoolscath operation and the Musogradian Protectorate government explode, leading to a rising first in Kosnice, then extending to the whole country. Gen. al Akbar steps back, Commissioner O.Chelny becomes leader of an MTBF supported transition government. The transition authorities agree to continue the Shoolscath operation with reduced scope to support local allies.
  • By mid March 2020, it became clear that the Shoolscath operation had gotten stuck. The causes were an overstretch of national ressources, amplified by the Star Sickness crisis and the hypernormalized operational environment. A relief operation, "Ivielscath", with MTBF volunteers, avoided total breakdown, but at the same time altered the political power balance. On 2020-04-19, Commissioner Kelly resigned from the government, accepting responsibility for the failure of the operation. On 2020-04-28, Commander O.Chelny, representing the MTBF organisation, was appointed Commissioner by Lord Protector al Akbar. SLD was included into an all party "Star Unity" government.
  • On 2020-03-18, the Star Sickness (aka "Corona") hitting nations worldwide caused a statewide lockdown which is still ongoing as of 2020-04-28.
  • On 2020-02-03, a major joined operation code named "Shoolscath" was started with the goal to re-orient and rebuild the Musogradian nation, following a plan developed by JS in autumn 2019.
  • Kuomnata elections on 2019-10-03: CDN-E lost some support, receiving 34% of the seats. SPD (formerly SD) ended up with 33%, while JS gained seats, receiving 20%. SLD remained stable at 12%. After lengthy negotiations, a broad coalition was formed between CDN-E, SPD and JS, under the label "Jedna Patrija" ("One Nation"), to confront the critical issues threatening the nation. Gen. C. al Akbar continues to be leader of the state, as "Lord Protector", with Commander K. Kelly from JS as Commissioner and R. Khalmyq as Secretary of Economy and Environmental Action.
  • On 2019-03-15, Gen. Claybourne resigned from his position for health reasons. Gen. C. al Akbar, commander of the Strategic Air Command, was elected to the renamed position of Commander of the Dershowo, as head of state. The position of the Commissioner was strengthened by some changes to the constitution, effectively making R. Khalmyq the leader of the government.
  • Elections on 2018-10-03: The first Kuomnata elections after the Protectorate Revolution resulted in a strong showing of the ecologically oriented CDN-E, with 38% of the seats. The SD alliance of left and centrist parties, only gained 34% of the votes. The conservative SLD and the settlement oriented JS both reached 13% of the seats. A coalition of CDN-E and SD was formed under the leadership of Gen. G. Claybourne, a pensioned Air Force general, as Secretary of the Dershowo (the title "Lord Protector" was discontinued), defense secretary J. Hadid and information secretary R. Teja. Wing Commander R. Khalmyq took over the important position of Commissioner, responsible for the relationship to the F.M. and its other states. A congress on "Ecological Reform of the Dershowo" is planned for December 2018.
  • Government restructuring on 2017-10-03: Gen. R. Teja, commander of the MSS, is selected as the leader of the Protectorate government, with Gen. Hadid taking over the office of Defense Secretary. Elections are prepared for 2018, with the left being reformed as Sajusna Demokratska (SD) alliance, CDN-E and JS completely re-legalized, and the conservative SLD also re-formed.
  • Protectorate Revolution 2015-12-01 to 2015-12-17: On December 1st, units of the Musogradian Army, based in the Mohuc and Goralnigrad regions, rose to counteract the populist and rightist tendencies of the PMMA led government of the Dershowo. The government was supported by southern based units of the military and the Navy, while the Air Force remained neutral. This, and the support by People's Militia (Milicija Narodna) units in Musograd City, led to the capitulation of the PMMA government, with a Protectorate government unter Gen. J. Hadid taking power in the Dershowo. Gen. Hadid assumed the title "Lord Protector" ("Pan Protektor") of the Dershowo.
alt='Civil War - Lines of Control 2015-12-07'>

Lines of Control on 2015-12-07, at the time when AFC sorties stopped large operations in the Civil War. Protectorate forces controlled the western and eastern parts of the Dershowo, while the PMMA Government forces controlled the south and the north, connected by a narrow corridor, and the almost surrounded capital.

  • On 2014-11-15, the Dershowo changed the National Flag, replacing red with gold as background colour. This step was done to avoid any misidentification with the flag of the Russian irredentists in Eastern Ukraine, and to show solidarity with an undivided Ukraine. Gold as colour of the sun and of the metal backing the Common Wallaroo is a portent symbol for the Musogradian people. The old flag, with red background, was defined as Flag of Musogradij Armije, i.e. the Military Flag, also to be used by the Navy and Air Force.
  • On 2013-06-01, new security and censorship laws were introduced by the PMMA government, further restricting freedom of press and the activities of opposition parties.
  • On 2013-04-12, the accelerating economic crisis led to the breakup of the DNS/CDN-E coalition after less than 4 months. In the elections on 2013-04-28, the PMMA jumped to 37%, SLD dropped to 11%, DNS to 12%, CDN-E got 21%. SL came out with strong 16%. A coalition between PMMA, SLD and DNS was formed, with the non-aligned General M. Swoboda elected to the new office of President. After SLD joined PMMA on 2013-05-25 and about a third of DNS MPs also changing to PMMA, the PMMA faction claimed an absolute majority of 52%, but kept up the coalition with DNS. As a result, the government style became more and more rightist-authoritarian. JS was suppressed as "unpatriotic", and skirmishes between radical right and left wing groups led to bloodshed, and also CDN-E came under legal pressure.
  • On 2013-01-20, new election took place. SLD again reached 36%, and the newly re-formed PMMA 9%, but DNS, with 32% and CDN-E with 14% were able to form a new coalition with a narrow majority. JS, with 3%, was no longer represented in the Kuomnata (the Musogradian Parliament). G.P.Lunow was elected as Secretary of the Dershowo on 2013-01-26.
  • At the elections of 2012-05-01, SLD reached 36%, JS 34%, DNS 20%, CDN-E 8% and SL 4%. After this landslide, SLD and JS, former civil war foes, formed a coalition government, with J.I.Chander as Secretary of the Dershowo. After the suppression of the PSCB revolt of Southern Settlement rebels, JS splitted up and ended the coalition.