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The postal services within the Federated Micronations are provided by two different companies:

Posta Tal Musograd and its subsidiaries for the Dershowo Musograd, the Scientific Republic of Murwillumbah, the Republic of Naquarnia, the Balanda Republic and two Federal Territories, the Balangrad Capital Territory and the Territorio Sovrano di Mondeo.

Posta Tal Musograd and their forerunners have got a long philatelic history - the first documented stamps in the Musanian Lands have been issued in the 1980's, and the first official Musogradian stamps in 1985. Posta tal Musograd has recently added an excellent documentation about their stamps to their website, currently covering the years 2005 - 2015.

First coloured stamp of Posta tal Musograd, from 2002

Capricornia Post for the Republic of Capricornia and the Hellenic Collateral Territories. Capricornia Post also has offices in the Balangrad Capital Territory.