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Radio Musograd

Radio Musograd operates Radio and Television transmissions for the Dershowo Musograd. The following channels are operative:

  • Musogradij Televizje - MTV
  • Radio Musograd Azad - RMA - Radio Free Musograd, official News and Information Channel for the Dershowo
  • Mladij Radio Musograd - MRM - Young Radio Musograd, concentrating on popular music and Heavy Metal
  • Radio Musograd Klasicnyka - RMK twentysound - 20th Century Classical music
RMK twentysound is the only channel which is also transmitted via internet radio, using the facilities of the company laut.fm http://www.laut.fm/twentysound located in Kosnice and operating under German law regarding licensing and registration. International transmission has officially started on 2014-02-01. The channel focuses on 20th Century Classical music by composers like Dimitri Shostakovich, Bohuslav Martinu, Harald Genzmer or Tilo Medek, all of who have had great influence on the development Musogradian music culture. More details on the station and its philosophy can be found on the twentysound website http://www.twentysound.net (balanda version) resp. http://www.en.twentysound.net

(english version).