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Federal Agencies of the Federated Micronations

The Federated Micronations of the Musanian Lands (FM) have a number of Ministries and Agencies as laid out in the Constitution. The oldest common institutions are the State Department of the Federated Micronations (SDFM), and the FM Diplomatic Service (FMDS) operated by it, in order to give the FM a common voice in foreign relations. To quote the Constitution:

"The Federal Government is responsible for External Affairs, managed by the State Department (SDFM), Defense, represented by the Joint Sovereign Forces of Musania (JSFM), Economy and Trade, managed by the Department of Economy and Trade (DET), Climate and Environmental Protection, managed by the Department of Climate and Environment (DCE), and Communications, Energy, Transportation and Borders, managed by the Department for Infrastructure and Security (DIS)."

There are several Agencies with defined tasks, mostly aligned to the Ministries. The current process of reorganisation from a loose federation to a Federal State is still ongoing and will lead to changes in the setup of the Agencies.

All Agencies have their headquarters in the Balangrad Capital Territory.