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Southern Cross Movement (SCM)
After independence, the Settlement Movement, the political organization of the independence fighters was renamed "Southern Cross Movement". The party propagates modernization and education, but with a strong social component. It is democratic and very active in fighting corruption. This enabled the party to remain the major force in Capricornian politics, with an absolute majority in Parliament until 2013. The party propagates Southern settlement, although not as highest priority, and strongly supports the Capricornian Defence Forces.

Star of Hope (SH)
Although the Shoolscath project was not supported by Capricornia, many Capricornian citizens joined MTBF and especially Musogradi Legija forces in active Shoolscath service. They and their supporters form the core of SH, founded in October 2020. The party is expected to win many voters in the upcoming elections (Dec. 2020).

Aurora Borealis (Northern Light, AB)
AB represents the original inhabitants of the Republic of Capricornia, both slavic and germanic. It is a conservative party and against Southern settlement activities, but supports a strong army. About 25% of voters usually vote for AB.

Peace and Conservation Party (PCP)
With roots in the Ecology movement, PCP remains a small opposition party, fighting for protection of Capricornia's natural areas and against the militaristic orientation of the major parties.

Provisional Settlement Party (PSP)
After the events of 2012, the war and and the PSCD revolt in Musograd, a group of politicians of the SCM decided they wanted a more active settlement policy, founded the PSP in January 2013 and took about 20% of the Capricornian MPs with them. Their main idea is that, as the long term Australijan settlement goal is not feasible at this time, a shorter term settlement policy in the Mediterranean area should be followed.