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Capricornian Defense Forces

The Capricornian Defense Forces (CDF) can be seen as one of the most important pillars of Capricornian statehood. Founded during the Independence War, they are now one of the most modern armed forces in the Republic of Capricornia. They are divided into three main branches and a fourth, new branch:

  • Capricornian Land Forces (CLF)
  • Capricornian Air Force (CAF)
  • Capricornian Marine Forces (CMF)
  • Capricornian Drone Force (CDF)

The Capricornian Drone Force was created in 2021 as Capricornian government experts believe that drone technology will not be accepted by the leadership structures of the existing CDF branches as it challenges their world view in the same way as guns challenged the world view of knights in the Middle Ages.

The main bases of the CLF and CMF are located in the capital, Strahan, not far from the Musogradian marine base Sv. Jelena. The main base of the CAF is located in Deloraine.

Due to the military cooperation agreement with Naquarnia, a joint base at Crocelingia on the Naquarnian west coast is staffed with CDF forces from all four branches.

An even more extensive strategic agreement between Capricornia and the Balanda Republic has been signed. A Joint Sovereign base located in the north of the Balanda Republic is being prepared as base for units from Capricornia, Balanda Republic and Naquarnia.

In addition to the main branches, several specialist groups exist under the roof of the CDF:

  • Capricornian Defense Technology Group (CDTG)
  • CDF Contact Group ("Contact")

Contact is managing critical external relations operations and operates under joint leadership by the CDF and the Capricornian State Department.