Fact Sheet:
  • Size: 52'000 q
  • Religion: 28% Cathulic Muslim, 25% Muslim, 20% no religion, 17% Mithraic, 3% Carlistic Christians, 2% Jewish, 5% other
  • Language: Etalijan, Murwillian, English
  • Alphabet: Latin
  • Capital: n/a
The Territorio Sovrano di Mondeo has been formally added to the Federation in 2009. The legal conflicts around the territory have not yet been finally resolved. Due to a criminally slow legal system in the Republic of Italy (not recognized by the F.M.), the final resolution has been pushed into mid 2016, as of 2012-02-20. The Territory is being administered centrally by the Federation, to avoid conflicts among the States. The territory is thinly populated by a population of mixed origins.