Fact Sheet:
  • Size: 25'000 q
  • Religion: 32% no religion, 25% Carlistic Christian, 12% Svantevicje, 6% Arianic Christian, 6% Mithraic, 5% Jewish, 4% Muslim, 10% other
  • Language: Musogradian, Balanda, English
  • Alphabet: Latin
Balangrad City originated as a Contract Settlement in the Balanda Province. In 2005, it became the Federal Capital of the Federation of Musograd. In the civil wars of the following years, it was split into occupation zones between Capricornia, Musograd and the Balanda. Reunited under a common authority in 2008, it was declared the Captial of the Federated Micronations on 2009-10-03, as Balangrad Capital Territory.

Slowly the destructions of the civil wars are being repaired. The city shows good economic and population growth. It is self-governed under a Federal Governor, but with no own armed forces - each state of the Federation keeps a small garrison in the BCT.