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Naquarnian Defense Foces

The Naquarnian Defense Foces / Forze Difese tal' Naquarnia (NDF / FDN) are relatively small and not yet fully modernized. Due to the historical development of Naquarnia as an alliance of relatively independent towns, the land Forces (Forze Territoriale) are de-centralized and based on a militia system.

The Forza Aerea (Air Force) is equipped with a number of older PA411 jets. The Forze Marittime, the Navy, has its main base at Crocelingia on the west coast, a base operated in conjunction with Capricornia.

Naquarnia has got a military cooperation agreement with Capricornia. The CDF provides training and material assistance to Naquarnia, under the umbrella of FADO.