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Joint Sovereign Base in the Balanda Republic

The Balanda Republic, the Republic of Capricornia and the Repubblika Naquarnia have agreed to set up a Joint Sovereign Base in the northern region of the Balanda Republic, located on the Pejne river. The purpose of this base is to provide a joint training ground for the armed forces of the republics and also additional security to the three largest cities of the Balanda Republic, all located in the vicinity of the base. The base operates on a charter guaranteeing its sovereignty, but is not a FM Territory. The Balanda Republic has ceded sovereignty to the Joint Leadership of the base, with the right reserved to unilaterally rescind that sovereignty. The JSB thus is legally outside the FM jurisdiction.

The official name of the base is "Joint Sovereign Base in the Balanda Republic". Its executive is comprised of the commanding officers of the three participating forces. The JSB is allowed to use their own flag and coat of arms (the latter to be defined at a later point, based on a swallow as heraldic animal). The flag design symbolizes the clean sky, the lakes and the green forests of the area, also taking colours and elements from the participating nations.

The inauguration of the JSB took place on 2021.07.16.

Postal and telecommunications services are provided by Capricornia Post Extraterritorial Agencies. Stamps have been issued for the JSB, and an optical high-speed internet connection to the base is in preparation.