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Fact Sheet:

  • Size: 52'000 q
  • Religion: 28% Cathulic Muslim, 25% Muslim, 20% no religion, 17% Mithraic, 3% Carlistic Christians, 2% Jewish, 5% other
  • Language: Etalijan, Murwillian, English
  • Alphabet: Latin
  • Capital: n/a

The Territorio Sovrano di Mondeo is a territory south of Naquarnia which came under a joint administration by the Musogradian and Estatian Governments by way of dynastical inheritance in 1971. It was occupied and annexed illegaly in the late 1970's, with a legal process to resolve the situation starting in 1997.

As the occupation has never been accepted by Musograd, the Territorio Sovrano di Mondeo was formally added to the Federation in 2009. On 2017-06-12, the legal conflicts around the territory finally were resolved, after 20 years of litigation within a criminally slow legal system in the Republic of Italy, They ended with a full victory for the F.M. and Musograd, with the Estatian Government being forced to pay indemnities for the portion of the territory legally owned by Musograd.

After reception of the substantial indemnities by the Chancellor of the Exchequer of the Dershowo Musograd, the Territorio has been formally ceded to the Estatians. Mondean citizens not wishing to live permanently under the occupiers rule were mainly resettled in the Republic of Naquarnia, in Kosnice and in the Republic of Capricornia.