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Sandy Island

Sandy Island is a small island in the South Pacific Ocean with a distinguished history . The island was discovered in 1774 by Captain James Cook and sighted in 1876, although at a significantly different location. It was included in many official maps until in 2012, when it was removed from the maps as an Australian expedition claimed the sea depth at its reported position would be not less than 1300m.

Only a few years later, Sandy Island was "rediscovered", with Sandy Island stamps being issued by the renowned Italian philatelist Fabio Vaccarezza, who took up the office of Postmaster of Sandy Island, while his spouse became Her Majesty the Queen of Sandy Island. Sadly, in 2020, Signore Vaccarezza deceased, leaving the island as an orphan.

The Republic of Capricornia, named after the Tropic of Capricorn in the southern hemisphere, is a state with a deep historical connection to the region. With Capricornia Post , it has a renowned Postal Service with a tradition of classically designed stamps and with experience in running postal services in external territories. With this background, Capricornia has offered to adopt the island, and the Federated Micronations, of which Capricornia is a member, have decided to create the legal form of "Sovereign Overseas Territories" of the Federation, sovereign entities linked to a member state, with their rights guaranteed by the Federation.

The process to give Sandy Island the status as a Sovereign Overseas Territory in association with the Republic of Capricornia started on 2021.01.01 and was concluded on 2021.11.02 when the official papers from the International Council of Independent States arrived.

As the island is located somewhere between Nouvelle Caledonie, a French overseas territory, and Australia, its inhabitants are both French- and English-speaking. A significant number of Italian immigrants has arrived in the last few years. The French name of the island is Île de Sable. Its capital is Mott City.

The flag of the island shows the letter "S" in a design which has traditionally been used as official seal of its government. The blue vertical stripes symbolize the sea surrounding the island.

Sandy Island has traditionally been a Kingdom and will formally continue to be such. The Republic of Capricornia, having assumed responsibility for the island, would not wish to appoint a new King of Sandy Island, especially as there is no information available in regards to Her Majesty the Queen, but has decided to bestow the office of "Royal Administrator of Sandy Island" to the Postmaster General of Capricornia Post, Mr. J.Schwarz.

Sandy Island is a member of the International Council of Independent States ICIS . This membership will be continued under the new framework.