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Joint Sovereign Base

The Joint Sovereign Base originally was set up as a joint operation of Capricornia, Balanda Republic and Naquarnia. The inauguration of the JSB took place on 2021.07.16. On 2022.01.01, the JSB was integrated into the Federal structures, as by then the Joint Sovereign Forces, formed from units trained at the JSB, were set up as the de facto Federal Armed Forces, with their first assignment to ensure stability in the Dershowo Musograd in late 2021. The presence of forces from all states of the F.M. is planned for 2022.

The JSB has the status of a Sovereign Territory, internally administrated through a panel of Commanding Officers representing the forces stationed permanently or temporarily in the JSB. It is not part of the Balangrad Capital Territory, but similar to it, it is autonomous in its internal administration. In case it would be dissolved, its territory would fall to the Balanda Republic.

The JSB has its own flag and coat of arms, the latter based on the kingfisher as heraldic animal. The flag design symbolizes the clean sky, the lakes and the green forests of the area.

Postal services are provided by Capricornia Post Extraterritorial Agencies. The JSB has got its own postage stamps and postal cancellation. The reason that CPEA was selected as postal provider lies in the founding of the JSB outside the F.M. framework in 2021. It was decided to continue this after 2022.01.01 as the postal service of the JSB has military post requirements, distinguishing it from civilian postal services.