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The Murwillian University of Science is the inheritor of a long tradition of education in Murwillumbah. Until 2013, the University of Murwillumbah taught a variety of non-scientific subjects, like Religion, Economy, Ecotrophology, Politics and Astrology, among other more scientific subjects like Mathematics and Biology. After the Revolution, the University was reorganized, all non-scientific subjects removed and "soft science" subjects like Literature and Politics reduced, making place for Astrophysics, Mathematics, Information Theory, Medicine and Evolutionary Biology. This step has led to an explosion of scientific work in the following years.

The Murwillian UoS is famous for its research projects in

  • Theoretical Astrophysics of Alternative Realities
  • Evolutionary Meme Theory
  • Evidence-based Medicine
  • Biological Geoengineering
  • Conscious Artificial Intelligence Theory