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The Collateral Hellenic Territory was an administrative unit with no defined territory, located in the Hellenic Republic. It encompassed 1 hectare of land, with an undefined location. Its legal base is a Retroactive Unilateral Agreement with the Hellenic Republic, triggered by the Default of the Hellenic Republic on 2012-03-09 on bonds owned by institutions and citizens of the Federated Micronations.

The Federated Micronations administered the CHT via the Provisional Authority of the Collateral Hellenic Territories (PACHT). After the Protectorate Revolution in 2015, the decision was met to dissolve PACHT and to waive any claims against the Hellenic Republic. This decision was implemented on 2017-01-01.

The relationship between the Hellenic Republic and the F.M. still is not fully relaxed, due to the fact that the Hellenic Republic has forced the Republic of Macedonia to change its name into "Republic of Northern Macedonia". The F.M.D.S. is discussing the possibility to recognize the Hellenic Republic under the name of "Republic of Southern Greece" or similar to protest against this act of bullying.

Postal Services for the CHT were provided by Capricornia Post. Formally served by Capricornia Post until 2015-05-29, an agency office of the new CP subsidiary Capricornia Post Extraterritorial Agencies (CPEA) was set up on 2015-05-30, issuing stamps denominated in Euro.

The following stamps have been issued:

1) Commemorative stamp for the start of the postal service within the territory

Stamp - Start of the postal service

2) Series of 5 definitive stamps, depicting birds from the region

Definitives - lower values 0.10, 0.50, 0.70 Euro

Definitives - higher values 1.00, 2.50 Euro

The CHT stamps have finally lost postal validity within the CPEA framework on 2021.01.01.