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Antilles Musiennes

The Antilles Musiennes are a small group of islands in the Caribbean which were discovered to be inhabited mostly by people of Musanian descent, by a Musogradian expedition in 2018. There are four main islands:

  • Ile du Coq, the first island settled by Musanian emigrants, in 1991. After the initial settlement, other settlers arrived from the Caribbean region. The population is now speaking a Musanian-French creole called "Mufre".
  • Ile du Avion, an island which had been originally ruled by various colonial powers, but only sparsely settled. After the Musanian civil war, a large number of Musanian refugees arrived by airplane in 2000. The population speaks a Musanian-English creole.
  • Ile du Papillon, the largest island. Again, a colonial-times population was supplemented by Musanian emigrants after 2001. The creole of this island is based on Balanda, Musanian and French.
  • Ile du Laurier, settled in the mid 1990's by Naquarnian emigrants. The population is now speaking a Eetalijan-French creole.

There are some smaller islands, mostly unsettled. The islands are very poor, with tourism only starting in the region.

The names of the islands are French-based as that was the first language arriving in the region. The general administration language of all islands is "Mufre". The creoles of the islands are converging slowly, incorporating elements of all of the languages.

The Dershowo Musograd annexed the Ile du Coq, Ile du Avion and Ile du Papillon in Summer 2018. Ile du Laurier joined the administrative region formally on 2020.10.03. Due to its historical links to Naquarnia, it will decide at a later point via referendum if it will become a separate Sovereign Overseas Territory in association with the Repubblica tal Naquarnia.

The Federal Law on Sovereign Overseas Territories, from 2021.01.01, gave the Antilles Musiennes a legal position within the framework of the FM, guaranteeing their sovereignty without changing their association with the Dershowo Musograd.

A first series of definitive stamps for the Antilles Musiennes , together with a miniature sheet commemorating the Microfrancophonie summit, was issued in 2018. The information offered by PtM on their site does not reflect the current status after 2021.01.01.