Introduction to the Musogradian National Security Agency

The Musogradian National Security Agency (MNSA), founded on 2016.02.01, is not a classic Secret Service or Electronic Surveillance organisation. Its purpose is to facilitate cooperation and open information exchange with security agencies in the Federated Micronations and other states. The Government of the Dershowo believes that openness is the best path to security for smaller nations.

MNSA has been authorized by the Government of the Dershowo to state that there will be no clandestine cooperation with any non-FM Services. In respect to the current general regional situation, though, above-board cooperation with friendly and allied countries is seen as necessary and will be supported by MNSA.

Bulletin - 2016.02.16

Representatives of the Dershowo have observed enhanced activity of non-FM Services in Balangrad City. At an event of a certain organisation (unrelated to MNSA), several agents, probably belonging to different organisations, were observed. Although those agents, if only by their number, acted rather unprofessionally, the representatives did not recognize them as such during the event. They observed certain odd points, though, leading to an MNSA debriefing at which the high probability of some participants being Service agents was recognized. Luckily, they followed the general de-conspiration rules which make sure the Dershowo and the Federated Micronations are not forced into dependence on foreign security organisations.

The observed penetration of this event may have served one or more of the following purposes:
  • Ingress filtering of the organisation which has hosted the event (internally or externally triggered)
  • Recruitment of qualified personnell for the services involved (thanks to efficient de-conspiration, the representatives made sure they would not qualify)
  • Recruitment of agents infiltrating the hosting organisation (which we expect is alreay heavily infiltrated, although it is a non-political organisation)
We believe this activity (if correctly identified) was not focussed on the F.M., but on the hosting organisation of the event. We expect all non-FM Services (NFS) to respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the F.M. and allied nations and will use de-conspiration and insurance techniques to protect this integrity against any inimical NFS operations.