The Federated Micronations of the Musanian Lands and the Soviet Republic of North America have recognized each other and established diplomatic relationships through a note exchange on 2009-12-31 and 2010-01-04.

Below the full note exchange. 

Note Exchange of 2009-12-31 and 2010-01-04

Mr. Schwartz, We applaud your decision and wish to grow a fruitful relationship with your great nation. Thank you very much! With warmest regards, The Honourable Jade Baker Minister of Foreign Affairs

-----Original Message----- From: Secretary of State - Republic of Capricornia To: srna##mail.com Sent: Mon, Jan 4, 2010 4:27 pm Subject: Re: Diplomatic Relations

Your Excellency,

as Secretary of State of the Republic of Capricornia as well as Commissioner General and acting Head of the Federated Micronations of the Musanian Lands, I thank you for your offer and am happy to say that I have been authorized by the Republic of Capricornia to accept your offer and by all States of the Federation to offer you friendship and diplomatic relations with the Federation as a whole.

This double role of mine may be difficult to understand for you, but it is the result both of a long common history of the Peoples of the Musanian Lands, and of bitter wars for sovereignity and land between these peoples, not that long ago. Therefore, both the States and the Federation are sovereign entities, with the role of the Federation limited to governance of the two Federal territories, monetary and trade policies and especially to diplomatic relations. Areas like Defense, Citizenship, Language or Cultural Policies firmly remain in the hands of the States.

The Federated Micronations of the Musanian Lands were formed on 2009-10-03 (October 3rd, 2009) by the Dershowo (State of) Musograd, the Naquarnian Republic, the Jamahiriya (Republic of) Murwillumbah, the Balanda Republic and the Republic of Capricornia. The Republic of Capricornia has been trusted with the task of creating a Federal diplomatic service as it is the only State with a meaningful diplomatic experience. As the diplomatic positions of Capricornia and the Federation may not always converge, a two-level system of diplomacy has been established for the time being. The other States currently have no plans to establish a diplomatic service other than for intra-Federation purposes.

Although the Partije Kommuniste tal' Musograd does not rule any more in any of the States of the Federation, the times when it did are well regarded by our historians - the Communists ruled in dark and difficult times with a firm hand. They still exist as a legal party in the Dershowo Musograd, with a good level of success in the eastern Oblasts and even in the State Capital. Therefore, we are happy to establish good relations with a Communist country especially as it has such a strong focus on Human Rights as the Soviet Republic of North America has.

Up to now, there are no official active diplomatic relationships of the Federation. We have had a cultural exchange with the Most Glorious People's Republic of A1, discussing Dimitri Shostakovich, the Most Honoured People's Artist (named such in 1986 by the Cultural Committee of the then Narodni Respublika tal' Musograd), but, although this cultural conflict might not have been cleared up completely, we feel this would be no obstacle to establish friendly relations with them in the future. And of course, we are looking forward to establish relationships with other countries in the future!

There are intensive economic relations with other Micronations, most of them through the Musogradian State Company yourstamps, but these have been decoupled from our diplomatic activity. As far as I can see, there are no overlapping territorial claims between you and these nations, except for some parts of Antarctica. The territories ruled or claimed by the States of the Federation, as described on the Federation Website, may or may not match with specific places (please excuse the obfuscating expression), but if they do, they do so with places and territories in Europe and Australia, not America.

I am looking forward to your response, both regarding the Republic of Capricornia and the Federated Micronations of the Musanian Lands!

Yours Sincerely,

Juergen Schwarz Secretary of State, Republic of Capricornia Commissioner General of the Federated Micronations of the Musanian Lands

srna@mail.comsrna##mail.com schrieb:  
Greetings, As a fellow head of state, I would be honoured to open dialogue and initiate relations between our two respective nations. We, in the Soviet Republic of North America, treasure allies, support world peace, and would be honoured to offer our hand in friendship. Remember, united we stand, divided we fall. Our nation offers recognition to your sovereignty. Thank you very much. Soviet Republic of North America Government Site With warmest regards, The Right Honourable Preston Takata President of the Soviet Republic of North America