The Federal Institute for Physical Sciences follows a genuinely Micronational concept of Science. This means that as no large ressources, neither financially nor timewise, are available to the Institute to execute research in the area of Physical Science, FIPS will work with concepts and ideas without any responsibility to follow them through. In other words, we replace research by educated guesses towards relevant questions of Physics and related sciences. But the famous "gut feeling" often has come to conclusions which much later were substantiated by science. Even Einstein, with his famous Cosmologic Constant, followed in a way his gut feeling, adding a "freely invented" parameter to his equations which today, after being ignored for several decades, is being recognized as real.

Undocumented cases of "gut feeling" in the area of astrophysics relate to the existence of extrasolar planets or to the concept of each galaxy rotating around a huge black hole. FIPS will try to document further concepts or ideas on this page which may be falsified, laughed at or confirmed at some point in the future by other institutions.

Extraterrestrial Life

Description of Relativistic Quantum Mechanics as Multidimensional Algorithmic System

Extraterrestrial Civilisations

Measurement Deviations of Gravitational Constant

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