The Federal Evacuation Agency has been in existence since the 1990ies, with the task of preparing the evacuation of the population in the case of a national emergency. A partner organisation of the Settlement Agency, it was reduced to a stub organisation in 2004, after the end of the Australijan Settlement policy. In January 2015, the organisation was revitalized due to the worsening political and economical situation in the countries surrounding the Musanian Lands. An Advisory Council has been formed by experts and strategic advisors from all states of the Federated Micronations.

First conclusions of the AC are the following:
  • A change of elements of the economic base of the FM is advisable, especially in regards to the isolation of the current productive forces from external exchange, which is not sustainable much longer.
  • One goal would be to focus on ecological production environments, to achieve higher levels of identification and motivation
  • Another goal would be to concentrate on deep experience in technologies which are portable and would support evacuation.